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Chew Time

Fun piece illustrating the

endorphins that are released

when a dog chews a toy or bone.


Memory Loop

Collaboration with the

Alzheimer's Society to

remember those who

struggle with memory.

Charcoal rotoscope


Transitions between scenes depicting the growth of a tree from early spring into summer.

Additive watercolor animation


CultureHub ReFest 2021

Part of Amphibian Stage

Odes to Common Things

Inspired by the poetry of

Pablo Neruda

An ode to paper, it's qualities,

it's possibilities, and how

it helped change the world.

Paper stop motion

NYCITFF official selection22.png

Disappearance of Pollinators

Batik and coding animation: proximity sensing posters.


Paper rotoscope

Applique is a joyful sharing of talents, ideas and cultures. It is a human-made animation that celebrates the piecing-together of components crafted by many hands. Inspired by traditional dance, the movement is woven through a landscape of textile motifs.

NYCITFF official selection22.png
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